Adding value to our customers’ businesses by providing high-quality, low-cost solutions is what we do at Hawk Plastics. To achieve this goal, we offer the following additional manufacturing and assembly services:


Heat Staking

Heat staking assists in production speed and consistency by replacing elements such as rivets and screws with a permanent joint. Heat staking also has the capacity to join plastics to other materials (e.g. metal, PCB’s) in addition to joining like or dissimilar plastics.


Pad Printing

An advanced method of printing, pad printing allows the transfer of a 2D image onto a 3D object.


Sonic Welding

An industrial welding technique, sonic welding uses high-frequency acoustic vibrations to bond objects under pressure.


Full Assembly Automation

Custom, on-site automation services provide a number of secondary assembly tasks to reduce our customers’ costs while getting their products to market faster.