Everyone at Hawk is committed to ensuring we produce only the highest quality parts. Our hands-on approach and highly honed processes ensure that we give each and every job our best. We strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations with work that is done promptly, safely, effectively, efficiently, and ultimately launched flawlessly.

By constantly reaching for more and endeavouring to be the best we can, our work has been recognized as award-winning and we could not be more honoured.

Society of Plastics Engineers Automotive Innovation Award – Body Interior

The SPE Automotive Innovation Awards is the oldest and largest awards competition in the automotive and plastics industries.

In 2015, Windsor Machine Group and Hawk Plastics teamed up to design and injection mold a unique rear-seat, folding head restraint. This unique part eliminates a welded steel structure and replaces it with a single-piece, living hinge thermoplastic core as its main structural component.


Toyota Boshoku Award for Canadian Quality Performance

Earth Day Recycling Recognition Award

Lawrence Pazner from CAN-AM Recycling Inc., presented Hawk Plastics with an Earth Day Recycling Recognition Award on October 1, 2020.  The presentation of the award was delayed because of Covid-19.  Earth Day was on April 22, 2020 but as a result of the global shut down the presentation had to be delayed.  CAN-AM recognized Hawk for their efforts to better sort, identify and ship their scrap plastics.

L-R: Lawrence Pazner, President of CAN-AM Recycling Inc., Barbie Cadarian, Production Manager Hawk Plastics Ltd., Matt Urquhart, President of Hawk Plastics Ltd.