Everyone at Hawk Plastics is committed to providing top quality products and an exceptional customer experience. Regardless of our job titles, we all believe our job is to get great quality parts to our customers, on time.


Meet our management team!

Matt Urquhart
  • Directs the company vision
  • Motivates, directs, and leads the organization and lays the foundation for expansion
  • Leads strategic direction in Sales & Business Management, driving P&L with absolute commitment to bottom line
  • Is a husband, step father of two and grandpa of three as well as an avid Harley Davidson Motorcycle enthusiast who enjoys traveling,listening to good music and attending sporting events
Sherry Urquhart
Secretary/ Treasurer
  • Oversees system infrastructure, security administration, and database management
  • Directs the technical activities, analysis, and design of Hawk’s ERP solution and liaises between functional Process Owners
  • In her free time, enjoys running, working out, gaming and traveling
Rebecca Branca
General Manager
  • Manages and directs business operations ensuring sales and production objectives are met at lowest cost consistent with product quality requirements, while maintaining high safety standards and ensuring all legal and regulatory compliance
  • Works to continuously improve operations
  • Develops business plans and staffing requirements to support annual sales volume growth and develops direct management reports
  • Functional responsibility for manufacturing engineering and continuous improvement
  • Enjoys boating and fishing
Ryan Bentley
Sales and Engineering Manager
  • Secures future business as well as maintains current business relationships
  • Manages all quoting, PM, and launch activities for new products into manufacturing plants
  • Assists customers with new product designs and material options as well as introducing new and emerging technologies
  • Coaches minor hockey, golfs when his schedule cooperates and enjoys spending time with his wife and two children
Agnes Mazza
Quality Manager
  • Oversees the development, implementation and maintenance of quality assurance systems and activities
  • Manages document control processes, conducts internal/external audits and coordinates interdepartmental activities to address product quality issues and improve efficiency of quality-related processes
  • Collaborates with regulatory, product development, engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing to ensure the product meets the required legal, regulatory device requirements and ensures efficient management of the quality system
  • Enjoys listening to live music and concerts as well as going out with friends and families for events and celebrations
Barbie Cadarian
Production Manager
  • Manages and improves injection, WIP, assembly and finish food planning to avoid short shipments
  • Improves delivery performance through the reduction of overbuilds and changeovers
  • Ensures adherence to and continual improvement of scheduling and communication to floor activities
  • Ensures that health and safety regulations are met
  • Responsible for day-to-day activities including monitoring production processes, working with managers to implement Hawk’s policies and goals as well as supervising and motivating a team of workers
Melanie Izsak
Purchasing Manager
  • Maintains levels of raw materials for production
  • Purchases all raw materials, equipment, maintenance, janitorial and production supplies
  • Arranges cost reductions and logistics for inbound purchases
  • Facilitates physical inventories
  • Seeks cost reductions for raw materials, packaging and components
  • Liaises with vendors and suppliers for all quality-related product issues
  • Enjoys traveling and reading
Chuck Flick
Process Engineering Manager
  • Establishes new molding processes for jobs
  • Optimizes molding processes
  • Sets up robot programs for automation of machines
  • Runs trials and document all findings
  • Oversees the process and set-up technicians
  • Volunteers for Motor City Greyhound rescue and enjoys playing broomball and floor hockey
Julie Miklosi
HR Manager
  • Oversees health and safety
  • Recruits and selects new hires
  • Provides training and development for all Hawk employees
  • Designs and directs all employee engagement activities
  • Is mother to two wonderful young adults and a crazy Viszla named Lily and enjoys golfing, hosting get-togethers with friends and family as well as traveling
Nick Gerardi
  • Oversees installation, repair, and upkeep of Hawks assets and property
  • Is an inventor who likes the challenges of mechanical build home projects, computer programming, fishing and biking
Jeff Urquhart
Plant Manager
  • Oversees operations
  • Ensures all work duties are coordinated properly and carried out as required
  • Coordinates work according to priorities
  • Optimizes raw material handling
  • Monitors and refines repeatable process stability
Tom Brownlie
  • Responsible for Financial Analysis, and reporting Month end.
  • Development of ERP system (IQMS) costing.
  • Drive Physical Inventory audits.
  • Hobbies include Camping and Hiking.
Mike Keane
Logistics Manager
  • Manages logistics, warehousing, and transportation/distribution functions
  • Manages all of Hawk’s import/export transactions by ensuring all documents are prepared correctly
  • Liaises with customers
  • Coordinates with other departments to integrate logistics function with business process of the company