Hawk Plastics serves the North American automotive and consumer products industries. Drawing on our more than 35 years of experience, expertise and innovative spirit, we proudly produce highly customized, top quality parts that suit our customers’ needs.

Automotive Industry

An ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified supplier located in the heart of North America’s automotive industry, Hawk Plastics is well acquainted with leading Tier 1 manufacturers of automotive assemblies. Specializing in 2-shot and Class A injection molded components, our expertise in the field is proven regularly through the production of automotive components such as seating, under-hood shielding, seat belts, and headrest assemblies.

Currently, we are also using our advanced knowledge in automotive molding to serve the following car manufacturers:
● Chrysler
● Ford
● Lexus
● Toyota

Consumer Products Industry

Designed and engineered to meet our customers’ exact specifications, we custom manufacture injection molded plastic for consumer products including but not limited to electronics, electrical components, food and beverage packaging, sporting goods, toys and horticulture supplies.
Serving a wide variety of clients in the consumer products industry allows us to not only remain up-to-date with current demands but also forecast future trends.

According to the independent needs of each job, our broad range of injection molding possibilities ensure each customer receives the perfect result, giving them the competitive advantage needed within their market.

Available materials include: PP, PE, polyurethane, acetyl, acrylics, propionate, poly carbonate, ABS, Noryl®, styrene, Centrex®, polyester PBT, TPO, Geloy®, SAN, polystyrene, PVC, nylon, TPE, thermoplastic rubber & K-Resin®.